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We meet the expectations of our customers and provide detailing services. This is not standard detailing. Knowing the classic automotive industry, we know what cosmetics and materials to use so that your classic car does not lose its value and gains shine and beauty. Call us for more details!

Classic car detailing London

Car cosmetics are essential for an old, historic car to retain its appearance as long as possible. Unique vehicles with original bodywork and interior elements are very valuable.

The value of a historic vehicle is influenced to the greatest extent by:

  • the condition of the car,
  • preservation of original parts and equipment.

In the case of vintage cars, self-renovation of the vehicle can be an extremely difficult task. Washing an old car at an automatic car wash can have fatal consequences. Vacuum cleaners are able to damage the car body, and in extreme cases, a high-pressure water jet can tear body parts off.

Classic car detailing

Classic cars are a special category of vehicles that obviously require care from their owners. These are usually cars made of much more durable materials than modern vehicles. For this reason, their care – as long as it is systematic – is not difficult. In the case of renovation, however, vintage cars are demanding, because high-quality products must be used to clean or renew the upholstery and paint coatings.

Well-maintained vintage cars – especially classics of the automotive industry (although not only them) – are vehicles whose value increases with each passing year. So it is a great investment. Of course, for this to happen, it is necessary to keep the car in perfect condition.

Classic car detailing cost

The cost varies depending on the car and its flaws and defects. Contact us for details.

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