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Car restoration is our passion that we have been dealing with for many years. We have completed many renovation projects. Our work is characterized by high precision and accuracy. Please contact us for more information.

Car bodywork repair London

Renovating classics nowadays requires much more patience and attention than modern cars. We are aware of this, therefore we approach each project with care. Thanks to many years of experience, our team knows what works must be done in order for the renovation effect to be enjoyed by the owner for many years. For the body renovation process, it is necessary to disassemble all elements of the car into pieces. Then we can check which elements need to be replaced or self-made and which are eligible for repair. 

Bodywork rust repair

What to do when the first signs of rust appear? Of course, the easiest and safest way is to outsource it to professionals. Sometimes it is enough to hit a small stone to form rust, as a result of which the varnish and primer chip off and the problem is ready. The weak point of car bodies is also the lower edges of the doors and sills, which due to their low location are also exposed to intense environmental, water and stones. It is also worth taking a close look at the sheet joining elements, which are prone to oxidation. The first step is to thoroughly sand the sheet metal so that there is no bubble or rust pitting on it. Some corrosion centres are so deep that meeting this condition requires a lot of work and manual sandpaper may not be enough. Then degrease the prepared place and vacuum it from the filings. We paint them with a varnish primer, preferably in such colour that it does not clash with the original varnish. We finish the whole procedure by painting the car body with the selected colour.

Bodywork scratch repair

As a company with extensive experience, we also remove scratches from the car body. Depending on the degree of scratching, the paint can be repaired on the entire car or only on its damaged parts. Then the car or element is carefully cleaned and sanded. Then we apply an appropriate coating that protects against weather conditions and prevents rust. The final stage is varnishing. In order for the varnish to obtain its original factory appearance, it is necessary to apply several layers.

Bodywork repair costs

The cost varies depending on the car and its flaws and defects. Contact us for details.

Car bodywork specialist

Some owners of classic cars undertake the renovation themselves. However, they do not know how time-consuming and complicated this process is. In order for the renovation to be done correctly, experience, knowledge of various techniques and appropriate equipment are necessary. So often, an amateur renovation may have an effect different than expected. Therefore, if we want to restore our car to its factory condition, it is worth trusting professionals.

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