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We have been renovating old cars for many years. We carry out comprehensive works related to car restoration. We have a lot of experience in this field and many successful projects. We do it out of passion for motorization.

Car restoration - What exactly are we doing?

Car restoration is a complicated process. It requires attention and thoroughness. Each car has to be disassembled to the smallest elements. Then each of these elements is restored to their original state. Often some parts have to be handmade. We renew both the body of vehicles and the interior. We restore the engine, gearbox, drive system and brake system to work. The renewed body is professionally secured and painted in the colors of the original or chosen by the customer.

Auto restoration

Restoring oldtimers does not have much to do with restoring modern cars. The differences are huge, starting with the thickness of the varnish coat, problem with parts availability, and ending with the working time. Renovation of old cars requires specialist knowledge and experience in many projects. It also requires passion to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

Restoration car

The first biggest problem in the reconstruction of a vintage car is the repair of a car body. In old vehicles, the body is very often heavily corroded and if parts are available, there is no problem. Most often body parts have to be replaced. Our team is used to difficult tasks and we have repeatedly made the missing parts.

Car restoration cost UK

Before we can start renovating the car, we need to set a budget. The cost will vary in each case. Contact us for details.

Car restorers

Some owners of classic cars themselves renovate them, deriving great satisfaction from it. Others outsource renovation to specialized companies like us. When choosing a renovator, special attention must be paid to his experience in the field of restoration of old vehicles, the range of services offered and the ability to select and apply the appropriate product technology.

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