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We have been professionally restoring vintage cars for years. We have experience in paint renewal. We know how to prepare a car and how to choose paint so that your car looks like it comes from a showroom! Call us for more details.

Car paintwork repair London

Renewing the paintwork may seem like an easy task. In fact, you need to have a lot of experience and meet certain conditions for the painting to be done correctly.

So let’s entrust this task to professionals instead of doing something twice – one with good intentions and the other as it should be done 🙂

Car paintwork restoration

When renovating old cars, the sheet metal of which will be corroded, it will not be possible to avoid disassembling the car and peeling off the old paintwork. Such action allows you to check the condition of individual elements and perform sheet metal repairs. All signs of corrosion must be removed and the losses of metal must be replaced. Sandblasting can be used to remove the varnish from hard-to-reach places. As part of sandblasting, it will be possible to remove paint and rust residues from the inside of the door or chassis. The rest of the elements can be manually cleaned with chemical solvents.

Removing scratches from car paintwork

Sometimes vintage cars have a well-preserved paintwork. It won’t be worth destroying it, the more so as old coatings are thicker than modern ones. Another technique of applying varnish was used in the past and therefore the results were simply better. The paintwork in old-time cars, even if damaged, is really worth saving and you have to take it into account. So let’s clean it, polish it and protect it so that the car can serve us for the next few years.

Car paintwork repair cost

The cost varies depending on the car and its flaws and defects. Contact us for details.

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