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We professionally restore classic cars. We regenerate the interiors of classic cars with great care. We have been dealing with this for years and we do it professionally as a company.

Car interior restoration London

Renovation of a vintage car is a time-consuming process, but it gives great results and satisfaction. The interior is just as important as the exterior, so it’s worth doing it properly.

Interior Trim Work

Years of exploitation, sun and frost affect the aging of interiors. Therefore, when buying a classic car, you have to remember that you will have to take care of the worn out center of the car. However, this does not have to be bad news, because the possibilities of personalizing the interior are almost unlimited. We are only limited by our imagination and the thickness of our wallet.

Interior restoration car

When buying a classic car, it is important to examine the interior for its completeness. This is crucial, because the possibilities of repairing the interior are almost endless. It is worse if we have a rare car and its interior is incomplete. In this case, it remains to search for used elements or to make a specific part to order. Today’s 3D printing capabilities allow you to create virtually any element, but depending on its size and complexity, creating a new element can cost from several hundreds to several thousands pounds.

Car interior restoration cost

The cost varies depending on the car and its flaws and defects. Contact us for details.

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